Authentic Wood Grain Waterproof Flooring System


Touchstone Flooring is a luxury interior flooring system, with a true-grain wood appearance. The textured 3D surface gives the look and feel of natural wood but without any of the disadvantages of solid or engineered wood floorings.

Suitable for use throughout your home, Touchstone Flooring is waterproof, resistant to indentation and colour stable. The boards feature an acoustic underlay to absorb and suppress household sounds, making it the ideal application for your bathroom, kitchen and living areas.

Product Features

Easy Click Installation

The patented one piece drop-lock installation system eliminates the need for specialist tools, allowing consumers and installers much easier and faster installation. With underlay included, the flooring is ready to go as soon as it is delivered to your home.

Superior Characteristics
• Natural wood grain appearance
• Waterproof
• Resistant to scratches and indentation
• Shock absorbant
• Suitable for underfloor heating systems
• Fire resistant
• Colour stable and age resistant
• Acoustic buffering

Download the flyer here.

For an easy-to-install fitting guide – Click here