Adjustable Sub-frame for Pavers & Tiles


AR-Pave from Naturalis Limited is a 100% aluminium paving support system comprising of adjustable pedestals, joists, spacer tabs, side stops and end stops.  Load spreader plates are available if required.

The patented pedestal has an in-built slope correction facility of up to 5% meaning that uneven groundworks or fall requirements are easily accommodated without the need for additional products.

The spacer tab is delivered with two independent 3mm tabs that attach to the unit as required according to paver layout.

Designed and manufactured in Britain, AR-Pave has been developed specifically to meet the requirements for non-combustible materials on balconies and other outdoor spaces, delivered at a competitive price and short lead times.

AR-Pave Class

A-rated Aluminium Sub-frame

The fully adjustable pedestal and joist sub-frame of AR-Pave is compatible with fully rectified porcelain tiles or concrete pavers.

Speed up installation time

Simplify the process

Streamline your specification

AR-Pave Aluminium Sub-Frame

Technical Information

Aluminium Sub-Frame Technical Information 

  Slope Correction

of up to 5% possible with all pedestal models

  Build up range:

28mm – 165mm, excluding deckboards, depending on combination of pedestal model and joist

Technical Data

  Material Aluminium 5251 H22

  Minimum height 8mm from floors to understand of joist

  Rated load capacity 500kg

  Fire classification A1 (100% aluminium construction)