Buzon’s fire-rated BC pedestal range

These are fire-rated adjustable support pedestals for floors,
walkways, terraces and plant room floors. They are 100% self extinguishing in the event of a fire but still retain all the features of Buzon’s standard pedestals.

Key features

• Meets UK combustible materials regulations
• Low white smoke emission value of less than 300
• Non-Toxic Class 0
• 100% Self Extinguishing Pedestals
• Adjustable height range of 28-1130mm with optional slope correction
• Flexibility to use with standard and non-standard paving slabs, decking and access floors
• Functionality of 360° rotation of fire-rated circular spacer tabs
• Locking Keys to stop any rotation and lock pedestal at required height
• Millimetre perfect pedestal adjustability and slope correction
• Eco-friendly: 80% recycled and 100% recycled polypropylene
• Load exceeds 1000 kg per pedestal
For BC Pedestal BIM Objects visit: NBS National BIM Library
Raised access system, including adjustable polypropylene height supports and reinforced aluminium profiles with 3 mm spacer tabs which allow free drainage. Two rubber strips sit either side of the spacer tabs to assist with foot traffic noise.

Features and benefits:

High load capacity.
Speed of installation.
Can be used for random and staggered paver dimensions.
Locking end-stops prevent any lateral movement.
Suitable where voids are limited.
Clip for rail fixing on top of the pedestal, PB-KIT-2 – For fixing with a tubular joint.
Aluminium rail, U-BRS – 2400 x 65 mm.
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EDPM) rubber strip, U-BRS-EDPM-2MM – 2400 x 20 x 2 mm (two per rail).
Spacer tabs for tiles, U-BRS-TABS-3MM-H17 – Fixes into the rail.
Still plate, U-BRS-STOP – Clip for the perimeter paving.
Stainless steel accessories for vertical paving, U-BRS-END-T – Upper element (top).
Stainless steel accessories for vertical paving, U-BRS-END-B – Lower element (base).
Connector fixing for between rails, U-CONNECTOR – For rail or stepped rail mounting.
For external terraces.
Can be used for various substrates, including 20 mm porcelain, concrete, and natural stone pavers.


Adjustable Slope compensation
Designed to support
Decking / Paving