Dura Aluminium Decking

Dura Aluminium Decking gives developers and contractors the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to finding new or replacement balcony decking for applications over 11 metres in height or that require an A2 fire rating. It also addresses a dire need for improved fire safety on balconies and terraces, especially those in public buildings.

A2fl-s1 Fire Rating for Peace of Mind Strong and tough, our Aluminium Decking by Dura Composites is made from high grade T6 aluminium and is ideal for any application that requires an A2 Fire Rating in accordance with BS EN 13501:2018, such as residential and mixed-use developments above 4 storeys, plus schools, universities, hospitals & libraries.

Colours Available

Dura Aluminium Decking Products are available in 3 attractive, contemporary colours that look great in any commercial or residential environment.




Why choose Dura Aluminium Decking?

Strong, long-lasting and cost-effective, Dura Aluminium Decking is made from high-grade T6 aluminium and is ideal for any application that requires an A2 Fire Rating in accordance with BS EN 13501, such as residential and mixed-use developments, schools, universities, hospitals and libraries, and much more.

The innovative, patent-pending tongue-and-groove design of this Aluminium Decking features a double skin with an attractive grooved surface and a uniform underside to prevent water forming below the decking area.

With a 150mm visible face, the decking board boasts an integrated gutter system, channelling water away from your structure to create a beautiful, low maintenance deck and a usable, dry space below, whilst simultaneously creating an attractive integrated soffit detail.

The beautiful plank-look surface features the latest technology and can be installed rapidly as no clips are required. The boards span up to 1m (based on stringent 2019 2kN load criteria according to BS 6399-1:1996).

The lightweight 27mm profile means it is ideal for new builds as well as refurbishments where the fire ratings of existing 28mm timber decking are insufficient. The unique surface keeps cool in hot weather and has low slip potential in all directions.

6 reasons to choose Dura fireproof Aluminium Decking

Fire Resistant

Achieves an A2fl-s1 fire rating in accordance with BS EN13501, perfect for applications over 11-metres.

Guaranteed Long Term Performance

Dura Aluminium Decking has undergone stringent testing to BS 6399-1:1996 to guarantee its effectiveness.

Proven Best-in-Class Slip Resistance

Engineered with a unique paint formulation for unrivalled low slip potential, achieving 63 in the dry and 54 in the wet.

Built-In A2 Fire Rated Soffit

Improved underside appearance ensures privacy and shelter for areas below.

Integral Water Management

Its unique design enables Dura Deck Aluminium Decking to channel water runoff to the building’s rainwater collection system.

Cooler Under Foot

Dura Aluminium Decking has high thermal conductivity providing a cooler deck surface than most wood or composite surfaces.

Product Specifications


  • Recessed galvanised steel
  • Projected galvanised steel &
recessed concrete balcony construction 
PLUS terraces & walkways of all types requiring A2 fire rating


  • 6063 – T6 grade aluminium

Board length

  • 3660mm

Board thickness

  • 27mm

Profile Width

  • Decking Board: 178mm
  • Visible Face: 150mm
  • Width 
Starter Trim: 61.16mm
  • Finishing Trim: 53.15mm

Profile weight (per linear meter)

  • Decking Board: 2kg/Mt
  • Starter Trim: 0.84kg/Mt
  • Finishing Trim: 0.47kg/Mt

Load criteria

  • 2KN Point Load
  • 5KN UDL per M²

Max clear span

  • 1m based on L/200 deflection


  • 3 Attractive colours
  • Anti-slip powder coating
  • Warranty against colour peel

Life-time expectancy

  • +60 years

Fixings method

  • Hidden screw fix
 (no clips required)


Due to its lightweight design and hard-wearing composition, Dura Aluminium Decking is perfect for a range of applications.

Specifically, its outstanding fire-resistance and compliance with EU and UK government recommendations mean that it’s great for terraces and balconies on buildings over 18 metres in height. Even if fire safety is not a consideration, they offer a sleek, contemporary finish to any project. Furthermore, with a 60 year service life and low maintenance requirements, Dura Aluminium Decking is perfect for various public spaces.

Dura Aluminium Decking is perfect for public spaces.

  • Highrise balconies
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Walkways
  • Hotels
  • Pub and restaurant terraces
  • Student accommodation
  • Lorry and trailer beds
  • Stage flooring
  • Commercial flooring
  • Park homes and holiday lodges
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings