Porcelain Specialist Services

Bespoke Pool Coping

Our pool surround service allows for the creation of pool copings cut from a vast range of porcelain with a bull nosed edge detail that can fit any shape of pool to suit both new build and refurbishment projects. This will create a seamless and elegant surround with all the design and technical benefits of using Italian porcelain paving including slip resistance of R11 A+B+C.

Pool Drainage Channels

Infinity pool drainage can produce a visible border to a swimming pool and can aesthetically break the continuous finish of the pool surround. Naturalis can offer bespoke cutting and manufacture of covers to match any selected porcelain tile from our range.

Bullnosed Edging

Bullnose tile is recognisable because of its characteristic rounded edges. It’s viewed as an edge treatment or trim piece and is often used to cover corners or frame the perimeter of a tile design. This eliminates sharper angles and unfinished tile sides from being visible on your floor or wall.

Bespoke Drainage

Drainage channels through a large paved area of around a swimming pool can look unsightly. At Naturalis we can provide solutions to reduce the visual impact of drainage by providing porcelain covers made to measure and with a substantial range of designs to fit all products as ACO. This allows for a continuous final finish without unsightly drainage covers


Naturalis porcelain step system is a functional, appealing and durable solution for the creation of stairs, steps and edges and represents a valid alternative to the use of natural stones. The 20mm thickness ensures tremendous resistance to loads and thermal shock, thus reducing the risk of cracking and breakage to a minimum, but also guarantees maximum functionality.


With the latest water jet cutting technology we can produce a near limitless array of engraving options whether it is to add slogan, thoughtful phrases, signs or just artistic designs to floors and walls, Naturalis can offer this specialist service to personalise any space.

Bespoke Logos

Create that initial first impression by utilising our cutting facilities to produce your logo in porcelain as a feature of any reception area which can be laid into the flooring or even mounted onto a wall. With the ability to cut even the most intricate of designs we ensure that the finished look will provide an attractive alternative to standard branding options.