A-PED A1 Fire-Rated Adjustable Pedestals


The new A1 fire-rated pedestal from Naturalis Limited, the A-PED, offers a strong, sustainable and fully adjustable platform to be used for paving and decking.

With its low build-up possibilities, and adjustment range starting at 60 mm, the A-PED is developed to meet the requirements of architects and main contractors.


The Non-Combustible Decking Solution For External Applications

Meeting the demands for a fully fire-rated external decking solution, the A-Ped is designed specifically for external balconies, terraces, roof and winter gardens.

Built To Be Used

Alongside Other Fire-Rated Materials

The A-PED has been built to exceed a 2000Kg (20 Kn) loading per pedestal. This far outweighs standard requirements. The system can be used with other fire-rated compatible materials, for example, aluminium, porcelain, stone and concrete, to comply with current Class A1 building fire regulations.

Performance Characteristics


Seriously Strong

A1 Fire-Rated


UV Resistant


Quick Install

Maintenance Free

Chemical Resistant

-30° C to + 90° C

Technical Data

The A-PED comprises of 3 components:

  • PED-base,
  • PED-head, and
  • PED-thread with 2 locking nuts


Head – diameter 76mm, surface area 46cm²
Base – diameter 112mm, surface area 100cm²


Height range
Adjustable uninterrupted from 60 to 350mm (with slope correction option)*
*currently in production


Load capacity
Uniformly distributed >2000 Kg, Concentrated 3000 Kg, (BBA tested)


PED-base and PED-head 100% recycled aluminium, PED-thread and nuts 100% coated steel. All components 100% recyclable Performance characteristics