from Alfresco Floors and supplied to the
Channel Islands by Naturalis-UK
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The Non-Combustible deck board you've been waiting for!

For too long, timber alternatives have been limited and haven’t always provided the right aesthetic. ZERODECK from Alfresco Floors changes all that, giving you and your clients a beautiful finish that can be used in any setting, including those that require maximum fire safety.
Engineered from mineral composite, ZERODECK has been specifically designed to meet the need for non-combustible materials for balconies and other areas requiring Class A-rated products.
Available in two colours, ZERODECK offers a quality alternative to timber substitutes; slip-resistant and splinter-free, it feels good underfoot and stays cool even on the hottest of days.

Technical Features

A-Rated Performance Characteristics

A1 Fire-Rated
Does not scratch, stain or fade
Low slip potential
Guaranteed long term performance
Excellent thermal properties
Handles and looks like timber
Clean-finish installation