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Product quality, design, innovation, Italian origin and the product sustainability profile are all key intangible aspects that enable the Italian ceramic industry to maintain and strengthen its leadership. The products made by Italian ceramic manufacturers are used as surface coverings in residential and non-residential contexts and optimise the spaces where they are installed.



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Composite Products




Premium Composite Decking Products

Composite decking products for the residential and commercial markets
Combining FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber with recycled plastic, our composite decking and fencing products offer the traditional look and feel of timber, with the attractive benefits the inclusion of plastic has to offer. For a longer-lasting, low maintenance alternative to timber look no further.

Porcelain – Green Building

Porcelain products can be certified as complying with the main international green building assessment protocols (LEED, BREAM, etc.).


Fire rated systems available.
Products accredited to:


Naturalis can provide many raised floor systems Including Class A and B Fire rating. With international technical support we can provide a professional service from concept through construction phase to after sales support.


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    New HD Deck 3D board from composite Prime. Enhanced wood grain look creates this beautiful looking decking. Call in at the Fencing Centre or The Hidden Garden Company to learn more, contact us here or email sales@naturalis-uk.com

    Adjustable Pedestals: What are Shims?

    Most pedestal projects require the use of accessories to ensure that paving or tiling (whether it’s a terrace or other external application) is perfectly level, perfectly silent and perfectly stable. Tackling those three issues (sound, stability and uniformity) is the main function of a shim, and they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for compatibility with the …

    Merry Christmas

    It’s Christmas time! Decorate in style! Enjoy the festivities. Be safe and have fun.   Merry Christmas from the team at Naturalis UK

    Do Paving Pedestals Need Adjustment After A Period of Time?

    When a structural product consists of adjustable parts, it would be reasonable to ask whether they need to be re-adjusted after a certain period, especially if they are subjected to high footfall or any other sort of vibration. Read on to find out more…   Adjustable Pedestals with or without moving parts Some smaller pedestals are of fixed height and …

    Why are Buzon Adjustable Pedestals Ideal for GRP Grating?

    Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is fast becoming the preferred material for floor grating in industrial settings. This is particularly due to its durability, impact resistance, slip resistance and high strength. At Naturalis, we understand the need to create a solution that accommodates a wide variety of purposes, and industrial settings are no exception. Adjustable Pedestals For GRP Grating When it …

    How Can Adjustable Pedestals Reduce Installation Time?

    The need to deliver projects on time, to spec and to budget is a core aim that we all strive for within the construction industry. When installing external flooring applications, ‘time’ is one of your client’s most important assets. The longer it takes for a terrace installation in a hotel, for example, the longer guests won’t be able to enjoy …

    How Can Adjustable Pedestals Separate Pavers?

    When considering adjustable pedestals for commercial and residential purposes, it’s crucial that the model you opt for has the ability to separate pavers uniformly. Ensuring that gaps between pavers are consistent will help to deliver a smart aesthetic, however, uniform gaps between pavers have numerous practical benefits. These include: Easy drainage (crucial when dealing with the rigours of the Northern …

    How Can Adjustable Pedestals Allow for Drainage?

    Whatever kind of project you are working on, whether commercial or domestic, it is crucial to consider the impact of water on an outside space, and to ensure that sufficient drainage is planned into the design. Water pooling on top of an exterior surface can easily create slip hazards or cause weather-related damage to some sensitive surface materials. Water will …

    How Can Adjustable Pedestals Help with Inclined Terraces?

    Our clever products from Buzon are extremely versatile and capable of facilitating complex design projects in challenging spaces, as well as easily handling clean and regular areas. Made from extremely durable, highly corrosion-resistant, and 80% to 100% recycled polypropylene, these adjustable pedestals can accommodate a wide range of flooring, decking, and terrace structures. Fully adjustable between 11mm and 1070 millimetres, …

    Composite vs Traditional Decking

    Article courtesy of Composite Prime As you plan your dream deck for the summer, one of the key choices you face is what type of decking to use. Traditional timber decking was the go-to product for most of the 20th century. And although it’s still very popular in the United States, here in the UK we are seeing a quick …

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