First ‘Class A’ fire-rated pedestal flooring system.

Naturalis Limited is first-to-market in the Channel Islands with a fully Class A fire-rated external pedestal flooring system. We are excited to tell you about our new innovative Class A fire-rated external pedestal flooring…

‘Naturalis Limited has launched its new innovative fire-rated aluminium product range that complies with new UK Building regulations on fire safety. We are excited to be first to market in the UK with a Class A1 fire-rated external decking and paving system that is precise, durable and fully adaptable. The Reif Dura-Link aluminium decking from Naturalis offers the perfect combination of strength, hardiness, durability and corrosion resistance and has a life cycle measured in decades.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Low density and therefore low weight
• High strength
• Superior design capability
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Good thermal qualities
• Sustainable and easy to recycle
• Low build up possibilities starting at 40mm

Naturalis Limited can also supply Class A2 rated decking and external paving (porcelain and concrete pavers).’

The Reif Dura-Link Class A fire-proof flooring system from Naturalis Limited has been developed in response to the recommendations of the ‘Hackitt Report’ Approved Document B – Building Regulations for England to improve building safety. It is the first fully Class A rated flooring system in the UK designed for use on outdoor decks, balconies and roof terraces/gardens and meets new UK building regulations and European EN1305 standards.
The height adjustable pedestals start from 41mm upwards and have a 500kg loading per pedestal.
This unique system comprises of adjustable pedestals and support rails that are one-third the weight of steel. All associated fittings and components also meet the Class A rating criteria. The flooring system can be used with other fire-rated compatible materials such as porcelain to comply with current Class A1 building fire regulations.
Aluminium deck boards can be installed on this floating sub-frame, or stone or concrete pavers and 20mm external porcelain tiles can be supplied for a more traditional look.

Reif Dura-Link will still allow installation of raised floors from 60mm of build-up and gives options on compatible surface materials with hundreds of textures, designs and sizes to choose from.