Adjustable Pedestals: What are Shims?

Most pedestal projects require the use of accessories to ensure that paving or tiling (whether it’s a terrace or other external application) is perfectly level, perfectly silent and perfectly stable.

Tackling those three issues (sound, stability and uniformity) is the main function of a shim, and they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for compatibility with the Buzon pedestal ranges.

In this post, we aim to explore the function of this small but mighty component, helping you to deliver excellent outcomes for your clients, no matter what project you’re working on.

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Different Types of Shim

Shims come in a variety of formats to suit their function. The most common type of shim sits on the head of the pedestal.  Made of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), they are very flexible and cushioning, and their construction means they are easily cut into smaller pieces as required.

If you are using edging products such as the U-Edge or U-Wall which extend the head of the pedestal, Buzon have specially shaped SBR shims.   Completing the shim family, they (we) also supply round polypropylene base shims which sit underneath the pedestal.

So what do adjustable pedestal shims do?

Improve your Adjustable Pedestal’s Acoustic Properties
The rubber head shim such as the E-10, acts as a natural cushion between the pavers and the plastic of the pedestal head, deadening sound and stopping any movement.  In fact, we always recommend a 2mm shim per pedestal purchased for that very reason, regardless of any other requirements.

This is particularly important in high-traffic areas where multiple people will be walking on the flooring at any given time. This not only improves auditory comfort for users, but physical comfort for those walking on the area, too.

Using Natural Materials & Creating A Level Surface

Materials such as porcelain and concrete are naturally rectified as they are factory-made to millimetre precision, however, when working with natural products such as stone, you may find that you need to compensate for different thicknesses.

The beauty of natural materials such as stone lies within their inconsistencies.

In this instance, a shim is a fantastic solution in creating a level surface when working with materials that are uneven in their nature.

Creating a Level Area With Adjustable Pedestal Shims

Whichever Buzon adjustable pedestal range you specify, a shim is a crucial component in creating a level flooring area.

As you’ll be aware, uneven pavers don’t just create an eyesore, they can also be a trip hazard for users.

So, how does the shim help to level off pavers?
The rubber shims are easy to cut so that you can compensate for tolerances precisely. This will ensure that you only level off the area that is required, and not overcompensate or disrupt another paver.

Can Shims Be Applied On Top of Each Other?

Typically, rubber head shims come in 1mm, 2mm and 5mm thicknesses. But what happens if you need, for example, a 3mm increase?

Due to the versatility of the SBR, you can stack multiple shims on top of each other. This guarantees millimetre precision with your pavers.

Buzon polypropylene base shims are 4mm thick and can be stacked in multiples up to 4 to create additional height as necessary.  These also provide additional acoustic value or can be used as a sacrificial membrane between the pedestal base and the substrate.

The Ideal Solution for Heavy Pavers

Due to the multi-purpose credentials of the shim, it is the ideal enhancement for use with marble, stone, granite and ceramic tiles; all of which are robust, heavy materials. In these instances, you need a solution that’s build with stability, shock absorption and anti-slip/trip in mind.

Not only will this guarantee the safety and comfort for users, but it will also create a longer-lasting solution for your client.

Key Considerations for Adjustable Pedestal Shims

It’s important to note that shims are not designed to support or be subjected to moving and/or vibrating machinery and equipment. They are best suited for pedestrian traffic.
Hotels, leisure facilities and other areas used by the general public are where you will benefit from the high performance of the shims.

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