Do Paving Pedestals Need Adjustment After A Period of Time?

When a structural product consists of adjustable parts, it would be reasonable to ask whether they need to be re-adjusted after a certain period, especially if they are subjected to high footfall or any other sort of vibration.

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Adjustable Pedestals with or without moving parts

Some smaller pedestals are of fixed height and therefore have no moving parts.  These are useful in areas where the void is small, and even though they themselves are not adjustable, small increments in height can be gained by using shims on the base or the head of the pedestal.

Clearly fixed height pedestals need no adjusting as they are not adjustable to start with.  You’ll find fixed height pedestals in all of our Buzon ranges, including the Class B fire-rated range, BC-FR, along with fire-rated accessories.
Adjustable pedestals are typically made up of a number of components. This may be just a head and a base, or additionally couplers will be used to increase the extension.  These will all be meticulously threaded to guarantee millimetre precision when it comes to the height setting and the integrity of the pedestal unit.

This degree of flexibility of the Buzon adjustable pedestal range means that we proudly profess the moniker, ‘A Pedestal for Every Project’.


However, you may question,


How do your pedestals stay fixed in the desired position?

How Do Buzon Pedestals Stay Fixed in a Desired Position?

Normally, the weight of the surface material ensures that there’s no movement on the pedestal position. For example, porcelain, concrete and timber are all heavy surface materials that will easily achieve no movement of the pedestal underneath.

In fact, the weight of thousands of football fans at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium is testament to the load-bearing properties of the Buzon pedestal range.

Each pedestal in every one of the Buzon ranges undergoes rigorous compression tests.

What Happens if the Paving Pedestals are of a Taller Height?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a taller pedestal may be more vulnerable to movement over time. To overcome this, we have locking keys to ensure the pedestals stay in a fixed position.

We will determine whether locking keys are appropriate for your application upon consultation.

Locking keys will also be suggested when there are likely to be vibrations, for example, in low-impact industrial settings or in high-traffic areas.


What about Buzon’s Pedestal Decking Inclined Terrace?

When working on uneven applications or dealing with inclines, locking keys can also be used once the incline percentage has been set on the slope corrector. This means that you can achieve a great deal of stability, even on the most challenging of projects.

Conclusion: Specify Buzon for your Deck Pedestal

When specifying for raised flooring applications, the specifier must address a range of potential problems.
To streamline your process, it’s crucial that you choose a solution that can achieve a multitude of benefits. At times, this may mean the use of accompanying accessories to help achieve the desired result.

One thing’s for sure: at Naturalis, we have a pedestal for every project.

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