How Can Adjustable Pedestals Separate Pavers?

When considering adjustable pedestals for commercial and residential purposes, it’s crucial that the model you opt for has the ability to separate pavers uniformly.

Ensuring that gaps between pavers are consistent will help to deliver a smart aesthetic, however, uniform gaps between pavers have numerous practical benefits. These include:

  • Easy drainage (crucial when dealing with the rigours of the Northern European weather).
  • The ability for pavers to be lifted when necessary (to access hidden services such as electrical cables or irrigation pipes, for example).

Here we’ve set out to explain how the design features of Buzon’s adjustable pedestals can separate pavers. Read on to find out more…

Separating Pavers with Spacer Tabs

To create those uniform gaps between pavers, Buzon’s adjustable pedestals have spacer tabs which are unique in design. Depending on the range you choose, the spacer tabs come in different widths, heights and even shapes.

For ultimate flexibility when it comes to separating pavers with odd shapes, curves, etc, we recommend the BC range, or the Class B-rated fire-resistant BC-FR range, which allow rectangular or circular tabs to be placed individually on the pedestal head in a position to suit your design.

Spacer tabs are available in various thicknesses: 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and various heights: 17 and 25 mm.

BC-Tab-C Spacer Tab

Due to the unique circular shape of the spacer tab, they are highly adaptable to all forms of paver, meaning that your choice of design can be accommodated – even with geometric patterns, guaranteed!

How Do Spacer Tabs Attach to the Pedestal?

For the BC and BC-FR range, the spacer tab is fitted individually on the head of the pedestal. With the DPH and PB range, the spacer tabs fit centrally on the pedestal head.

What About Separating Edges?

Of course, the perimeter of your flooring application is equally as important as the centre. That’s why close attention needs to be paid when it comes to the edges of the terrace. To help combat this, we have the U-Edge.

Simply put, the U-Edge is an adaptable edge support that can be used with any of Buzon’s pedestal ranges, with any size of spacer tab and all shapes of paving.

To deliver a solid solution, the U-Edge can be screwed in place on the head of the pedestal.


In simple terms, adjustable pedestals can separate pavers through the use of spacer tabs.

Choosing the correct pedestal for your project will require the words of wisdom from one of our experts. Call us today on Jersey 530326 or Guernsey 529993 to discuss, or contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.