How Can Adjustable Pedestals Reduce Installation Time?

The need to deliver projects on time, to spec and to budget is a core aim that we all strive for within the construction industry.

When installing external flooring applications, ‘time’ is one of your client’s most important assets. The longer it takes for a terrace installation in a hotel, for example, the longer guests won’t be able to enjoy the outdoor setting, and of course, this will have a negative effect on business.

With Buzon’s clever, innovative adjustable pedestal design, installation time can be reduced whilst still maintaining superior quality.

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External Flooring: What Takes up the Most Time?

With external flooring applications, installers could face a whole host of challenges; Uneven groundworks, sub-frame build-ups, surface fixes, drainage resolution and even delays in lead time can all contribute to a less-than-efficient outcome for yourself, the installation team and, of course, the client.

To avoid this, you will need to select a solution that overcomes these challenges through clever, considerate product design, and that’s where Buzon’s adjustable pedestals are unique.

1. Levelling Existing Groundworks

Rarely are there instances where you’ll find a flat surface on which to lay your external flooring. Levelling existing groundwork prior to application can be one of the most onerous aspects of the external construction process.

To overcome this common challenge, we recommend the use of slope correctors, which adjust the angle of the pedestal head and subsequently the angle of whatever material you have on the surface to create a millimetre-perfect level terrace.

You can add slope correctors to the base or head of our pedestals, or for even more time saving, Buzon’s DPH pedestal range has a patented built-in slope correction.  Whichever method you choose, individual pedestals can be adjusted accordingly to create a level surface. To make this process even easier, their U-KIT-SL80 tool measures the value and direction of the slope at the point of placement and shows you instantly which setting is required.

Slope correction of up to 15% can be achieved using the Buzon range.

2. Building Sub-Frames

No need to spend time building sub-frames or sub-bases from scratch.

In the past, paved or decked terraces have relied on the building of timber or metal frames to provide support for the surface material, whether it be for timber, metal or composite decking.  If paving is the surface material of choice, other types of build-up have been necessary in order to provide a flat surface on which to apply fixings.   Pedestals or Buzon’s ALUrail system removes the need for all of that as they create a natural sub-frame at a height from 11mm upwards to 1070mm.  The heads of pedestals can be used with spacer tabs to accommodate pavers or joist holders, to accommodate timber or aluminium beams.

If you have a requirement for a sloped surface, a ramp, for example, Buzon’s slope correctors can be used to create fall as well as creating a level surface.  Falls would be very tricky to achieve with a traditional subframe but can be very simple when using these pedestals.

3.  Accommodating Difficult Areas

Not every flooring application is perfectly rectangular in shape. In fact, this is very rarely the case for most designs.

Curved areas are often what makes the end result visually interesting. For curved areas,  the heads of the BC tabs allow a unique and flexible arrangement of both rectangular and circular spacer tabs, allowing for the most creative (and curved) designs.

Triangular areas also present unique challenges to the installer. With the Buzon AluRail system, tight corners are easily accommodated.

3 Further Ways That Buzon’s Adjustable Pedestals Reduce Installation Time

Aside from the specific design characteristics, Buzon’s pedestals boast a range of unique benefits that speed up installation time.

  • Tiles are laid on top of the pedestal with no major fixing or grouting required
  • Natural drainage means that ‘special features’ do not need to be incorporated into the specification to ensure water runoff
  • The pedestals themselves are easy to put together and manipulate. Buzon makes simple yet clever products with the technical documentation and expertise to back them up.

Conclusion: Start Cutting Time Today with Buzon’s Adjustable Pedestals

If you want a quick start or if any additional products/solutions are necessary during the install, the overall project won’t stall due to the short lead time on these products.

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