How Can Adjustable Pedestals Help with Inclined Terraces?

Our clever products from Buzon are extremely versatile and capable of facilitating complex design projects in challenging spaces, as well as easily handling clean and regular areas.

Made from extremely durable, highly corrosion-resistant, and 80% to 100% recycled polypropylene, these adjustable pedestals can accommodate a wide range of flooring, decking, and terrace structures. Fully adjustable between 11mm and 1070 millimetres, they are ideal for use on flat roofs, balconies roof terraces, or outside areas at or above ground level, to create raised terraces in any type of material be it timber, stone, porcelain, grating, concrete aluminium or other materials.

Due to the fact that polypropylene adjustable deck supports are a relatively new building technology,  too few builders, developers, and architects understand their full range of capabilities.


How Adjustable Pedestals Can Help with Inclined Terraces

Adjustable pedestals were designed specifically to support raised terraces in many different site scenarios and as such, slope correction has always been a key feature. Buzon’s first range of pedestals, the DPH range, has slope correction of up to 5% built into the head of most of its pedestals, whereas the later ranges have independent slope correction options.

Constant innovation from Buzon means that slope correctors can now be used in multiples on all of the ranges and inclines of up to 15% can be resolved, giving architects and designers an impressive degree of flexibility.

Whether you need adjustable pedestals for a stable arrangement of joists or tiles – or if you need to accommodate a significant height and want to get rid of any troublesome thresholds, you will find our adjustable deck supports from Buzon to be the perfect solution.

Every terrace is different with different needs and different styles. Our adjustable pedestals from Buzon are available in a range of types and sizes to suit your needs.

Adjustable pedestals are fully adaptable to any and all of your terrace needs, including:

  • Overcoming thresholds that can pose as a stumbling block
  • Allow you to easily and conveniently route cables or other services beneath the deck or terrace for exterior lighting, irrigation etc
  • Leave useful drainage gulleys or other waterways for functionality and easy concealment
  • Run beneath-border railing  for a superior aesthetic
  • Heavy loading requirements
  • Class B fire-rating requirements can be met with our fire-resistant range, the BC-FR
For more information on any of the adjustable pedestal ranges we have available, contact us today or call us on Jersey 530326 or Guernsey 529993.

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