Why are Buzon Adjustable Pedestals Ideal for GRP Grating?

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is fast becoming the preferred material for floor grating in industrial settings. This is particularly due to its durability, impact resistance, slip resistance and high strength.

At Naturalis, we understand the need to create a solution that accommodates a wide variety of purposes, and industrial settings are no exception.

Adjustable Pedestals For GRP Grating

When it comes to GRP grating, an adjustable pedestal that’s versatile is essential to ensure minimal risks on-site and to accommodate the heavy loads that they will be subjected to.

Here we will delve into some key characteristics of Buzon pedestals to uncover exactly why they are perfect for your GRP grating system.

Adjustable Pedestals that are Chemical Resistant

In industrial settings, chemical incidents usually happen following leaks, explosions or fires.

In the UK, sites using chemicals are required to perform risk assessments and have plans to mitigate the effects of accidental release.

That’s where GRP, as a material, comes into its own. However, the adjustable pedestals that support such systems, too, need to be chemical resistant.

Buzon’s pedestal ranges are UV and chemical resistant, built to withstand various conditions and climates with a temperature rating from – 50° C to + 120° C.

Adjustable Pedestals that are Hard-Wearing & Strong

It goes without saying that GRP grating supports need to be hard-wearing and durable to accommodate the heavy loads that they may be subjected to.

Buzon pedestals are capable of supporting loads up to 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg) — 1,000 lb design load. Each part of the Buzon pedestal system uses a minimum thickness of 4 mm or 5 mm of polypropylene. The higher pedestals are equipped with reinforcement ribs to further improve the strength and resistance.

Adjustable Pedestals With Effective Drainage

The mesh design of the GRP grating system is designed to allow for effective drainage, which is ideal for the applications in which it is used.

To supplement this, Buzon pedestals are also designed with drainage in mind. To learn more about how Buzon pedestals can help with drainage, head over to our blog post here.

Adjustable Pedestals that Are Fire Rated

Despite the rigorous health and safety measures in place in place, industrial settings pose a potentially serious risk of fire. Only recently, we heard of two large fires breaking out behind a York industrial estate.

Different GRP grating products have varying levels of fire retardance depending on the composition and the manufacturer.  If you want to maximise fire protection, the system you use to support your grating is of equal importance.

With Buzon’s latest self-extinguishing B-rated fire-resistant BC-FR Pedestal, you can be assured that it won’t contribute to the spread of fire, in the unfortunate event of one breaking out.


When it comes to risk, industrial environments are perhaps one of the most potentially hazardous.

If you’re involved within the design or refurbishment of industrial premises, it’s crucial that extra care is taken with the quality of products you specify.

At Naturalis, we pride ourselves on providing the best solution on the market – and a pedestal for every project.  Contact us today or call us on Jersey 530326 or Guernsey 529993.