How Can Adjustable Pedestals Allow for Drainage?

Whatever kind of project you are working on, whether commercial or domestic, it is crucial to consider the impact of water on an outside space, and to ensure that sufficient drainage is planned into the design. Water pooling on top of an exterior surface can easily create slip hazards or cause weather-related damage to some sensitive surface materials.

Water will always find a way but first it has to have somewhere to go.

Buzon pedestals naturally create a void beneath your surface, allowing for rainwater to run under your external flooring application. This void also allows for any pipes, cabling or drainage channels to be kept out of site, making your end result more aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, for water to run under, it also has to be able to work its way through the surface material. Timber or composite boards will naturally create a space for drainage, but when using paved applications, it’s crucial that the gaps between your pavers allow for it. Ensuring that they are both uniform and versatile to meet your design requirements is key.

The Use of Spacer Tabs for your Adjustable Pedestals

The spaces between your pavers will determine the effectiveness of the drainage. Spacer tabs play a significant role in this.

The Buzon pedestal range has a unique range of spacer tabs, coming in a variety of widths, heights and shapes, and can accommodate a wide variety of shapes and styles of pavers, meaning there is literally no limit to what can be achieved with these pedestals.

Spacer Tabs For Separating Edges

When it comes to drainage, it’s crucial that water build-up doesn’t collect around the edges of the flooring application. Not only is this an eyesore, but it is also a health and safety hazard.

To combat this, Buzon has developed the U-Edge.

In simple terms, The U-Edge is a versatile edge support that can be used with any of Buzon’s pedestal ranges, regardless of spacer tab size or paving shape. It means that there will always be a regular gap between the paver and the terrace edge.

Edging Product to Stop Splashback – ALUgrate

If you want to protect your façade from splashback, whether it be a door, a window or a regular wall, you can utilise ALUgrate.

ALUgrate is a specialised edging product with a special geometry which allows it to ‘trap’ rainwater, which then falls directly onto the weatherproof membrane or insulation layer below. It’s functional but also looks great and can really add a finishing touch to your external flooring project.

Using ALUgrate for most applications, removes the requirement for expensive grating systems currently in use.

Pedestals Designed for Drainage

It’s worth noting that the design of the pedestals themselves also facilitate good drainage, with holes in the head and the base allowing water to pass through without pooling on any part of the pedestal.

Adjustable Pedestals for Water Features

Drainage is also crucial when excess water is being used. A key example here is with water features.

Water features can deliver a stunning aesthetic, but water drainage can become a problem if not correctly addressed within the design brief.

When specifying adjustable pedestals for a water feature application, we recommend to closely consider the type of pedestal, paver and spacer tab to ensure ultimate effectiveness.

Buzon Pedestals have been used to create stunning water features all over the globe.


At Naturalis, we understand that one of the most important aspects of your outdoor flooring application is whether it will allow for effective drainage.

However, choosing the right pedestal for your project may require expert advice. Contact us today or call us on Jersey 530326 or Guernsey 529993.